Thursday, 12 November 2009

Does your object fall into a particular catgory of making practice?

My object, the Royal Pavilion in Brighton fits into the category of Design and Architecture. The making practice of Design is a process in which a creative idea is conceived for the use of constructional purposes. These ideas were usually recorded graphically. The objects could be for Architectural purposes, products or manufacture. Design or the designer, usually indicates the arrangement of the objects parts, form and overall style. Designers follow a creative pattern of production which is useful and for purpose; such as furniture and cutlery, rather than art for only visual motives that would be considered more as Fine art.

The job of the designer came into practice shortly after the explosion of the industrial revolution, progressing from the division of labour. The procedure in which the manufacture of a productis separated into single jobs. Resulting in no one looking after the overall form of the objects being made.

The Brighton Pavilion fits into the sub category of architecture; a complex mix of science and art, it can be explained as ‘the designing and erecting of buildings’ Oxford English Dictionary. The skill of architecture heavily depends upon Maths and engineering. Architects don’t just review the aesthetical values of a structure, they also take into consideration the health, safety and overall feasibility of the building. Architecture is usually considered to be large scale, but can vary between a small column, to a university campus.

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